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A Fusion of Brilliance : Quel International, Inchscape, Yeelight Pro Malaysia and the Enchanting Fashion Design by Carven Ong at Archidex KLCC 2023

19 Aug 2023

Dear Architects, Interior Designers, and Developers,

We are delighted to share with you an exceptional collaboration that took center stage at Archidex KLCC from July 26th to 29th, 2023. Our hearts brim with delight as we extend our sincerest gratitude to PAM and MIID members for gracing us with their presence during these remarkable events. Your visit added an extra layer of delight to an already exceptional occasion, and we couldn't be more pleased to have had the honor of hosting you. A triumphant convergence of visionary brands – Quel International, Inchscape, and Yeelight Pro Malaysia – came together to unveil a captivating experience that redefined innovation and creativity. The event was further elevated by the enthralling fashion designs presented by the renowned Carven Ong, creating a remarkable spectacle that resonated with architects, interior designers, developers, and creative minds alike.

Unveiling a Uniquely Transformative Experience

Quel International, Inchscape, and Yeelight Pro Malaysia, leaders in their respective domains, brought forth their cutting-edge products, design prowess, and dedication to pushing the boundaries of ingenuity. This collaboration was a testament to their commitment to advancing the realms of architecture, interior design, smart lighting solutions, and technology. The objective was clear: to orchestrate an immersive experience that showcased the harmonious fusion of these disciplines.

A Symphony of Collaboration

Months of meticulous planning culminated in an exhibition that was nothing short of extraordinary. The captivating designs of furniture from Quel International seamlessly intertwined with the revolutionary smart lighting solutions of Yeelight Pro Malaysia. Inchscape's innovative landscape designs served as a bridge between nature and architecture, breathing life into spaces and inspiring sustainable living environments.

Carven Ong : Bridging Fashion and Architecture

Adding a touch of glamour and sophistication, the fashion luminary Carven Ong took the stage to unveil his latest collection. The runway became a canvas where architecture and fashion merged seamlessly, with models adorned in Carven Ong's creations walking through exquisitely designed spaces illuminated by Yeelight Pro's state-of-the-art lighting solutions. The result was a fusion of elegance and modernity that transcended boundaries.


A Resounding Success with Far-reaching Impact

The collaboration event surpassed all expectations, resonating with attendees and industry professionals alike. The integrated display of architectural brilliance, cutting-edge lighting, and forward-thinking technology underscored the immense potential of collaborative innovation. The event garnered extensive media coverage and social media buzz, catapulting the visibility and recognition of all collaborating brands.

Setting the Stage for Future Collaborations

Beyond the immediate success, the collaboration has paved the way for exciting future endeavours. It has fostered new connections and partnerships within the industry, inspiring architects, designers, and enthusiasts to explore uncharted territories of interdisciplinary creativity. This event serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and cross-industry inspiration.


A Celebration of Innovation and Interconnectivity


The collaboration of Quel International, Inchscape, and Yeelight Pro Malaysia, enriched by Carven Ong's fashion showcase, was a momentous celebration of creativity, innovation, and interconnected brilliance. This event united architecture, interior design, furniture, smart lighting, technology, and fashion in a symphony of excellence that has set the stage for unprecedented advancements in the future.


We invite you to join us on this journey of creative exploration and limitless possibilities. Let's redefine the boundaries of design together.


With utmost respect for your vision,

The Collaborators: Quel International, Inchscape, Yeelight Pro Malaysia, and Carven Ong




With sincere appreciation,

Yeelight Pro Malaysia Team

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