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Mesh Gateway Hub

Yeelight Mesh Gateway Hub (Supporting Device for Smart Control)| Use for Downlight M2 M2 Pro and Spotlight
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【 Yeelight Mesh Gateway Hub 】

✨1 Gateway Hub can support up to 50pcs Downlight M2/M2 Pro/Spotlight!!

Transform your home into a smart and interconnected haven with the Yeelight Mesh Gateway Hub. 
This essential hub acts as the central synchronization point for a range of mesh-related lighting products,
including Yeelight Downlights, Spotlights, and B39/A60 light bulbs. 

The Yeelight Mesh Gateway Is A Smart Home Device That Serves As A Central Hub For Connecting And Controlling Various Yeelight Smart Lights And Devices. 


Key Features:

✅ Mesh Connectivity:

The Mesh Gateway Hub is integral for syncing with mesh enabled lighting products.
This includes Yeelight Downlights, Spotlights, and B39/A60 light bulbs, creating a cohesive and interconnected lighting system.

✅ Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Range:

The hub offers a robust WiFi and Bluetooth range of up to 10 meters,
ensuring seamless connectivity within its operational zone without the hindrance of wall obstructions.

✅ Bluetooth BLE Connection:

Each Mesh Gateway Hub establishes a Bluetooth BLE connection with compatible devices like Spotlights. 
This connection facilitates efficient communication within close proximity.

✅ Wi-Fi / LAN Connectivity:

The Mesh Gateway Hub is equipped to connect to the 2.4GHz internet bandwidth via WiFi or a LAN cable,
ensuring a stable and reliable connection to your home network.

✅ AI Voice Control Compatibility:

Once connected, the Mesh Gateway Hub becomes accessible to AI voice control devices such as Google Assistant and Amazon Echo (Alexa). 
Enjoy the convenience of controlling your lights with simple voice commands.

✅ Swift Apple HomeKit Integration:

Syncing with Apple HomeKit is a breeze with the Mesh Gateway Hub. 
Experience lightning-fast response times, with lights switching on within a mere 0.3 seconds – a remarkable speed compared to other applications.


✨ How It Works:

👉 Bluetooth Pairing:

Spotlights are paired with the Mesh Gateway Hub via Bluetooth BLE. This can be easily done using the Yeelight app on your phone, 
standing below the Spotlight for optimal connection.

👉 Wi-Fi / LAN Connection:

The Mesh Gateway Hub is connected to the 2.4GHz internet bandwidth via Wi-Fi or a LAN cable, ensuring a stable and robust internet connection.

👉 Voice Control Integration:

Connected Mesh Gateway Hubs can be seamlessly integrated with AI voice control devices like Google Assistant and Amazon Echo (Alexa), 
enhancing the accessibility of your smart lighting system.

👉 Apple HomeKit Sync:

Apple HomeKit integration is swift and responsive, with lights responding within 0.3 seconds of activation.


💡 Elevate your smart home experience with the Yeelight Mesh Gateway Hub – the central hub that unifies and enhances your smart lighting ecosystem.






⚙️ Yeelight Mesh Gateway Hub Parameters:


Size : 70x70x16mm (PCB)

Color : White

Output : 5V-1A

Interface : 1x Power Hole (Round)

               : 1x LAN / WAN Network Port

Power Indicator : ON/OFF Switch: 1

                          : Indicator: 1

Module : Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz

              : BLE: 4.2


💡 Experience seamless connectivity and control for your Yeelight Mesh enabled lighting products with the compact
and efficient Yeelight Mesh Gateway Hub.

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